Monday, April 28, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

I was tagged by my friend Sonia Gensler to be a part of the Writing Process blog hop. She's an incredible writer and I'm lucky to have her in my critique group, so we get to share about our writing process with each other. Here goes! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

So what are you trying to say?


Just the thought of writing dialogue puts many writers into a manic panic. How do you find that other person's voice hiding inside of you? It's complicated and probably (as in totally) can't be addressed in a single post.

I met with my own critique group and we talked about the struggle in finding character voice and writing dialogue that rings true. When it's done well, it's not something you really notice. When it's not done well, it's all you can see. How can you hone your ear to find the truth in the voice of your characters? That's a good question, isn't it? It can be tricky--but it also can be done.

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's just a blog

You're just writing online--right? You don't have that many followers (maybe that's just me). It's not a big deal--I mean, it's just a blog, right?

It's not like it matters if you use good grammar when you write, or whether you check your post for typos or the like, or that your references are correct and your images captured and documented properly. It's just a blog, so it's not like it matters!

Well, of course it matters, silly.