Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Careful Feeding

Good advice for life ... and writing.

Ever since we saw the movie Up!, this has been shorthand to explain how we are easily distracted. It's pretty universal, I think, as my kids use it, friends use it, it's the battle cry of the overtasked! And such easy, elegant advice for a writer.

It's terribly easy to let our distractions carry away our time, isn't it? It sure is for me. Between the kids, the housework, email, social media--and don't forget Pinterest!--my brain is like a fried Spam sandwich. Or an easily distracted, well-meaning puppy dog on the path to get something done when


Wait; what was I saying?

Oh yes; the squirrels. If we allow distractions to intrude when we're most in need of focusing (i.e., that time in which we may crave distraction to the point where we create our own--hello, Pinterest!), those squirrels will bite us. The squirrels will chatter and prance and scamper away with our time and our focus.

Now, a distraction-free life probably isn't possible. And it possibly isn't desirable, either, if I'm being honest; distractions are necessary. But setting aside dedicated time when we avoid the squirrels and don't feed them allows us some time to accomplish our own goals.

How will you avoid feeding your squirrels?

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