Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name

What's in a name? Well, I guess that depends on a lot of things. I am excited (a little giddy, actually) to announce that I was asked to serve as the Book Doctor for the 2014 Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc (OWFI) conference. What does that mean?

Writers will submit a 25-page writing sample (usually a work in progress) and for a fee, I'll review and edit their submission prior to the conference and then hopefully meet with the writer and discuss their submission and my edits at the conference. For an editor, at least for this editor, it's a very exciting proposition. I really do love editing, I love meeting writers and talking about editing and discussing how books can be made even better.

But it's that title--the Book Doctor--that I'm not sold on. I know, I know; but there are others who use that title as an identifier, and I'm not pretending to be them. I'm not a doctor in any sense of the word--I'd be more of a faith healer, I think. Maybe a word therapist? Ooh, I know--Mari, Mistress of Manuscripts. That's the ticket.

So, if you're planning to attend the conference, be on the lookout for me--Mari, Mistress of Manuscripts, taking on the Book Doctor role.


The OWFI 2014 conference will be held in Oklahoma City, May 1-3. Key note speaker New York Times Best Selling Author Eloisa James heads up an impressive roster of writers, editors and agents who will be leading sessions for participants of all skill levels, including several sessions specifically geared toward new writers.

Hope to see you there!