Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buzz Books blog tour: a chat with author Aaron Smith

Today marks the first of a series of posts to be done in collaboration with Buzz Books writers--and I'd like to thank author Aaron Smith for participating.

I worked with Aaron on two teen short stories printed in anthologies in 2012: "A Kiss on the Threshold" in Prom Dates to Remember and "Spectral Media" in Something Wicked. Aaron's voice provided these anthologies with their only male writer and a unique perspective.

In both stories, Aaron's protagonist is almost an anti-hero, the kid you might not expect to save the day, and that's what makes it satisfying. Both stories deal with technology with a critical voice, providing a commentary on the pervasiveness and our reliance on technology--and why we should question our reliance before it becomes a dependence. But even not digging down to that level of meaning, the stories Aaron wrote address real issues that teens deal with, along with a little paranormal twist.