Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What a Kid Wants

Mom. Every book I read is the same. It's either really, really poor kids ... kids whose parents have died ... or their parents just hate them or they're idiots ... or they have to save the world and they only have, like, a spoon ... and it's just ... boring.

This is what my 11-year old son told me one day as we were in the car (where we always talk), as he was reading something or another. My 9-year-old agreed. They both started listing the names of books they've read that meet the criteria he listed, and it was pretty much like he said: all of them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Truth or Fiction?

I had a conversation on Twitter with a writer about conspiracy theories. Specifically how reading books by a certain author would send her to the interwebs to research what bits of trivia included in these books were real or fabricated. It reminded me of when I first read The Bridges of Madison County, which I can remember so clearly these 20 years later.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thinking Great Thoughts


Writing is hard. As I sit staring at this blog, desperately in need of a post, that's the thought that I keep circling around and returning to, like a moth to a flame, like an endless loop in a computer program in need of a bug fix.

And it's not for a want of ideas. I have plenty of interesting ideas to write about. Lots of great topics pop into my head, inspired by all kinds of things. These great ideas usually pop up when I'm busy doing something else, it seems: elbow-deep in dishes, editing a manuscript, driving in heavy traffic, drifting off to sleep. So maybe I'll leave myself a voice message or write a note on a scrap of paper and then when it comes tie to sit down and really dig in? Poof! It's nowhere to be found.

Yep. Like right now.