Tuesday, September 11, 2012


... As I ask a few more questions, it emerges that he hasn't actually written it yet. ... "That's the challenge, isn't it? ... actually knuckling down and getting the thing on paper ..."
-- from Alys, Always, by Harriet Lane
This passage struck me. Because it's true, isn't it? That's the hardest part about being a writer, the actual writing. I mean, aside from the editing. And the generating of all the fantastic ideas. The commitment of sitting down and getting on with it already.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Choose your shoes wisely

I've been dabbling in many different writing and editing projects these last few months since I last posted here, projects that have taken my time and energy, my concentration and my free time. Unfortunately, that has left this blog bereft of posts. And that matters. Because a blog is not really an effective blog if it lacks in posts. Posts are what bring the readers--not the cute background or the snappily-worded bio.