Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: 250 Things You Should Know About Writing

250 Things You Should Know About Writing by Chuck Wendig is a great writing book. Eleven chapters that concisely cover the many aspects of writing in 250 (275?) easy-to-digest little nuggets.

But yeah; it's more.

Wendig is smart about the business of writing and he doesn't pull punches, which is why this is a great book and why it might not be for everyone. He uses a year's worth of profanity and vulgarities. And I adore him.

Maybe it's my military background, but I respond to the drill sergeant archetype. He motivates me to want to excel when I try new things. Of course, after I try them, I want to be coddled and provided with the appropriate "atta girl!" affirmations of adoration, but while I'm struggling to succeed, I crave the grit.

This book is available in many formats, I picked it up on Kindle for a steal (99 cents!). If you're thinking mayhaps your writing could use a swift kick in the teeth, I suggest you check it out. Also, visit Wendig's website.

It's definitely not for everyone. If you're offended by swearing, off-color remarks, questionable metaphors or the like, perhaps you should consider another career choice as there is much of that throughout this business. Kidding! If you don't like a gritty approach, this isn't for you, but if you don't mind it or enjoy it then drop the buck and pick this up.


  1. I like gritty kicks in the teeth - the more virtual the better, of course.

  2. Exactly :) And for only a buck? Brilliant! I'm now hooked. :)